Marketing Perspective Gives Twist to Video App

FOSTORIA—A unique video player application has been introduced by Yoakam, LLC and Deploy Creative.

The video player, known as shoutvu™, is a unique application that makes it easier to manage online video content.  Shoutvu™ empowers you to upload, organize and manage video content through an existing website.  The video app does not require a person be technology savvy.  It can be easily utilized by anyone including those with little or no computer experience. It is easily embedded into the existing site through a line of java script.

Shoutvu not only allows video content to be easily uploaded and managed, but it allows for other marketing communications such as banners and extras such brochures, images and weblinks to be downloaded and tagged to specific videos.

shoutvu player

Shoutvu™ was developed through a joint venture between Yoakam, LLC and Deploy Creative, Toledo.

“The days of clients of just wanting a website for their business are long over. The demand for online video marketing, social media connectivity,  and community awareness are the driving force behind consumer demand and discovery. At the core shoutvu is just that, a simple, easy to use video based marketing tool that will reach out and grab your marketing audience from both a visual and social connection.” said Michael J Paulus, Creative Director at Deploy ” Developing a tool like this for our clients was a no brainer. It’s another wrench in the toolbox, a really big wrench.”

“Online video as a marketing and communication tool has grown dramatically in the last few years and this trend is only going to expand as technology continues to evolve,” said Jason Yoakam, owner of Yoakam, LLC.  “Shoutvu™ takes the hassle of organizing video content.  It is user friendly for both the person uploading content and for the viewer.”

To learn more about the shoutvu™ app, visit or email Jason Yoakam at [email protected]

About shoutvu
shoutvu™ is a unique web based application that enables you to more easily organize online video content - and all your marketing resources - through your existing website.

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