Important shoutvu code update

Hello shoutvu Clients,

Want to download videos faster, so do we 🙂

We are excited to announce that we have pushed our second update to the shoutvu application on October 20th. This update will enhance the overall speed the application.

We are moving to a new CDN service provider and we need your help to update your player.

This is the important part below.


You will need to replace this part of your current embed code:

<script src=””></script>

With our the new embed code:

<script src=””></script>


Once that is done your player will load and deliver video content faster than you ever dreamed. Your player will run normally during the update process, however you must update the code.

You must make this change by DECEMBER 17TH.

Please, if you have any questions about the update call. We will be checking in with each of you to ensure that all changes have been made properly and that your shoutvu app is shoutvuing.

These changes only affect the main player only. No changes to the mini player embed code are required at this time.

If you have any questions? Please give us a shout!

About shoutvu
shoutvu™ is a unique web based application that enables you to more easily organize online video content - and all your marketing resources - through your existing website.

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